Using Used Glass Jars For Tidy Kitchen

Recycling glass jars to keep your kitchen organized is a super practical idea that will not generate any extra expense. All these jars that we generally throw away can become beautiful organizers or spices much more striking even than those that they sell in shopping centers. You just need to use your imagination a little to give each jar a different and unique touch and thus also make it part of your kitchen decoration. 

Some useful tips:

  • Use a printed contact paper strip to stick to the middle of the bottle. So you can create some nice spice boxes. If you also line a base to place them, the combination will be perfect.
  • Try painting the jars from the inside using acrylic paint. You just need to spread the paint inside the jar, turning it in several directions so that the entire internal surface of the glass is covered. Flip so all excess drains off and allow to dry completely in this position. 
  • Cut a strip of fabric that measures the circumference of the jar and sew a piece of Velcro on the ends. In this way you can decorate your jars and remove the strip of fabric to wash it when necessary.
  • If you fix a crank or handle (the kind used on furniture doors or drawers) to the lid of a jar, either by screwing or gluing it, you will give a super original touch to the jar. Don’t forget to apply a coat of paint. 

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