Used glass jars for pencil holders and organizers

Recycle your glass jars and create beautiful pens and desk organizers. Use acrylic paint or spray paint in your favorite color to decorate any size jars you have. You can personalize each bottle according to your taste using indelible markers (sharpie) on the surface of the glass.

Another option is to paint the jar from the inside and make some details on the outside. To do this, pour a little acrylic paint inside and turn it in such a way that it covers the entire surface of the bottle. Turn the jar over and let it dry so that all excess paint drains off. Then decorate it on the outside with some paint or markers. Look at all these cute ideas that we have collected from the internet.

Used glass jars
Used glass jars 2
Used glass jars 3
Used glass jars 5
Used glass jars 6
Used glass jars 7
Used glass jars 8
Used glass jars 9

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