Use Used Sock to create cute bunnys

Make these pretty bunnies made from a sock. It is not necessary to sew them and the result is charming, especially for younger children. Choose those old socks that no longer have a pair and fill them, you can decorate them with ribbons or ribbons. Make as many as you want!


  • Socks
  •  Wadding or delcron to be used as stuffing
  • Garters or elastic bands
  • Ribbons or ribbons
  • Plastic eyes and pompoms


  1. – Fill the entire part of the sock that corresponds to the foot (rice grains can also be used as filling).
  2. – Hold the filled part with a rubber band or rubber band. Press so that it is very firm.
  3. – Divide the stuffed part in two, placing a rubber band in the center. Distribute the filling well so that it does not deform. Now the body and head of the rabbit have been formed.
  4. .- The part of the ankle of the sock that you did not fill is the one that will form the ears, you only need to cut it in half as indicated in the photograph.
  5. – Finally, decorate the rabbit by tying a ribbon to the center and gluing the eyes and pompoms to form the face

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