Use Tissue Paper To Pack Small Gifts

Use paper napkins/ tissue papers to wrap in little bags or gift bags that you can give as souvenirs at parties or to have a special detail in some other celebration. Without a doubt, it is a really cheap and easy to do detail, but it is no less beautiful and lucrative for that.


  • Paper napkins,
  • ribbons that match the color of the napkin,
  • and small gifts such as candy, coins, chocolates, etc.

Step 1.  Open the napkin and place the gift just below the horizontal line that marks the middle of the napkin (without going beyond the second vertical line)

Step  2. – Fold in half vertically and again  fold again in half in the same way.

Step 3. –  Fold in half, but now horizontally.

Step 4.-  Tie and tie tight with a ribbon.


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