Use Felt Circles To Decorate Cushions

This is a very easy and simple technique to decorate cushions in an eye-catching way without having to get so complicated. It basically consists of cutting circles of felt (all the same size) and sewing or gluing them on the surface of the cushion. Remember that the fibrous texture of felt is perfect for sticking with hot glue, which is sometimes much stronger and more durable than sewing.

Use a circle mold to cut out the felt (you can use a can, a cup or a coin) and once you have enough, sew or glue them onto the cushion you are going to decorate. You can start from the center or from one edge. You can also arrange the circles whole or fold them in half to look like leaves or scales. Another simple idea is to make a cut to the middle of each circle, close it with silicone and thus create a kind of petal. Arrange the circles as you like, either layered or messed up. Get inspired by all these beautiful ideas that we have compiled for you:

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