Use Embroidery Hoops To Create Beautiful Party Decorations

The embroidery hoops or hoops can be a very original and different alternative when decorating a party. These hoops can easily be found at fabric or craft stores, they are very inexpensive and come in a wide variety of sizes. As you surely know, an embroidery hoop is made up of two pieces: one smaller than the other, which is assembled inside the first and which serves to keep the fabric taut and smooth when embroidering. This can be used in many ways, since the two pieces can be separated to create sphere-like decorations or simply to hang or place as a centerpiece.

Some useful ideas:

  • *Paint the rings in metallic tones such as gold or silver, using acrylic paint or spray paint. Although leaving them natural also works very well.
  • Decorate the hoops with natural flowers. In this case, place a piece of oasis or floral foam just under a ring to form a kind of base. Cover with flowers and foliage and don’t forget to keep it hydrated
  • If you use artificial flowers, the easiest thing is to stick them to only one side of the hoop. You can wrap or cover the rest of the hoop with artificial leaves and twigs.

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