Use Door Cabinets To Organize And Save Space

Achieve greater order and make the most of small spaces by using the interior door of cabinets and other furniture. This is an often underutilized place that can be very useful for keeping different things organized and within easy reach. Look at these ideas that will undoubtedly be of great help to you.


  • Use double-sided tape to stick small hangers or hooks that allow you to hang different things.
  • If you don’t have hangers, you can use clothespins by also sticking them with double-sided tape.
  • The inside cabinet door is perfect for hanging spoons and other kitchen items, keeping them free from dust and grease. 
  • Double-sided tape a plastic magazine rack and use it to store aluminum foil rolls or bags
  • In the bathroom, glue small tubes to hold toothbrushes and store them inside cabinets. 

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