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Use Aloe vera as your daily cleanser, toner, and face pack

Aloe vera is used for different purposes, But aloe vera is best for skincare. aloe vera contains antioxidants, vitamins, especially vitamins A and C which play an important role in our skin. Its anti-inflammatory property helps to reduce acne by reducing the excess oil naturally. Use Aloe vera as your daily cleanser, toner, and face pack. here I will tell how to use aloe vera as your daily cleanser, toner and face pack.

Aloe Vera as your daily Cleanser:

1: wash the aloe vera with clean water

2: cut the aloe vera from its center

3: now gently rub it on your face for 3-4 minutes

Aloe vera as your toner;

1: take 2 tsp of rose water and one tsp of aloe vera gel

2: mix them until you get a good mixture

3: Apply it on the face as a toner

Aloe vera as face pack:

1: 1 Tps of Gram flour

2: one pinch of turmeric

3: One tsp aloe vera gel

4: mix well until you get a thick paste

5:Apply on the face and leave until dry.

5: rinse out with warm water

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