Toys Ideas with cardboard or corrugated foamy

Using cardboard or corrugated foamy of different colors, you can make easy shapes and figures in an ideal activity to work with children.


The texture of this material is very striking for the little ones, it is also very easy to cut and paste. It is simply a matter of cutting the shapes that you like the most and sticking them on a sheet of paper or on a card using an adhesive pencil or white glue. Another very good idea is to cut this material into long strips that allow you to roll it in a spiral to form circles and from there complete figures such as

  • animals
  • flowers
  • trees

Get inspired by all these nice ideas that we have collected from the web for you!

Toys Ideas
Toys Ideas 2
Toys Ideas3
Toys Ideas  4
Toys Ideas 5
Toys Ideas 6
Toys Ideas 7
Toys Ideas 8
Toys Ideas 9
Toys Ideas 10

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