Tips To Straightened Your Hair

Tips To Straightened Your Hair

Even after being totally aware of the negative effects of straightening, many girls still d it on a very regular basis.So, we decided to get some effective tips to keep the moisture, volume, and softness of hair intact even after regular straightening.

Applying hair protectants at the start

Before you start to straighten your hair, make sure you use a good quality hair protectant or some moisturizing agent. This will help reduce the damage that the heat will cause to your hair.

Oil for rescue

Massage your hair with oil more then once a week. For best results, oil your hair and wrap it in a hot towel for 5- 10 minutes.And After an hour Wash your hair thoroughly.

Regular trimmings

Most hairdressers and people believe that split ends make the hair quality and also stops the hair growth.The split ends are the result of the use of chemicals and heat on the hairs which is why you should get trimmings done every once in a while.

Proper conditioning

If you are straightening your hairs regularly then you should also use a good quality repairing shampoo and conditioner, you should also apply leave-in conditioners to your hair whenever it is needed after hair wash.

Try to shorten the gaps between straightening

After applying the straightener on your hair, don,t wash your hair very soon. You can use dry shampoos if you need the straightening to stay longer without washing. This will lessen the heat effect on your hair.

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