Table runner with balloons

Create a fantastic balloon table runner and use it to decorate the main table during a party or celebration. You can make the table runner as long as you like, even letting it hang down to the sides. Its preparation is very simple and you will not require expensive or difficult to obtain materials.


  • Balloons of different sizes or colors
  • Strong thread (You can use wool, worsted, silk or hemp thread)
  • Liquid silicone (cold) or fast-drying transparent glue.
  • Artificial leaves and flowers (Optional)
  • Transparent tape


1.- Start by inflating all the balloons of different sizes. However, you should consider not to inflate the balloons too much, as they will take up a lot of space on the table and then it will not be useful. A small and medium size for the balloons is more practical.
2.- The design of the table runner is made up of pairs of balloons. You should take two balloons and tie them around the neck. Make pairs of balloons of different sizes and pairs of balloons of equal size. Reserve several small loose balloons to place at the end.
3.- Take the first pair of balloons and attach it to the end of the thread. You will simply have to twist the thread several times in the knot of the balloons. Continue with the next pairs of balloons trying to play with the sizes and make the structure look tight.
4.- Once the table runner is long enough, fix it on the table surface using transparent adhesive tape.
5.- Use the small balloons you reserved to fill in the gaps between balloons. In this step you must use the liquid silicone or the fast-drying transparent glue. Apply some glue on the surface of the balloon and stick directly on the other balloon.
6.- Decorate the table runner to your liking with artificial leaves and flowers. You can use clear glue in this step to make your job easier.

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