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Step by step Hijab tutorial for beginners

There are different types of Hijab. mostly Muslim women wear as a symbol of modesty and grace. The purpose of the Hijab is basically to protect women from unknown males. for daily routine girls usually wants to wear simple plan hijab while on parties and wedding they wear trendy hijabs to look elegant. in this tutorial, we will show you how to wear the hijab step by step.

Hijab Style for Daily Routine:


1: Wear a scarf cap it will you to adjust your scarf on head

2: fold your scarf at the front and put it on the head. Equalize both corners of the scarf as shown in the image

3. now put the right corner on the left side as shown and right side on left accordingly

4-7. to adjust the scarf fix the scarf with a cap with the help of scarf pins

enjoy your Style.

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