Seven Easy DIY Tutorials Using Used Bottles

we often throw away used bottles in the trash that we can recycle and convert in to really use full items. so we decided to bring you seven easy DIY tutorials using used bottles Enjoy!

DIY Candlesticks With Plastic Bottles

super simple DIY that you can do with children, and you can also give a new use to PET bottles and decorate your tables.

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Recycling A Tetra Pack Bottle

Some DIYs are so simple and so quick to make that you can not resist.

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DIY From Canister To Dispenser

A second life is given to a used bottle that we throw every day into the garbage

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DIY Centerpieces

We all have a glass bottle at home that we often after using throw away, but with this DIY you can turn it into a decorative object for your house.

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DIY lamp

Recycling a used crystal bottle you can make these use full light bulb.

Lantern DIY Using a Plastic Bottle

A DIY for a handyman that will leave hallucinated your visits.

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 Diy Lamp

Make a lamp using a plastic used bottle.

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