15 Attractive Ways To Reuse Orphan Socks

Need Ideas to Reuse Orphan Socks? Washing socks in the machine, one is almost sure that one of them disappears. Ans end up with an orphan sock which is till now use less. It’s the end of the world ? Should we throw away these mismatched sock No it have lots of very practical uses. We can sweep the floors, wipe the fog on the windows of cars, protect objects or even decorate.

So, instead of throwing away your old socks, here are ways you can use them again. May be you will even love to lose some, lets see!!

Make knee pads

For you or a crawling baby, socks can make great knee pads. To do this, cut the leg of a high sock and put it on your knees. Double it if necessary.

Reuse Orphan Socks 1

Make a bird feeder

Sew one end then fill the sock with seeds and sew the other end. Then hang it in a tree to attract birds

Reuse Orphan Socks 2

Flower pots

Instead of painting your planters or leaving them without decoration, you can cover the pots with solitary socks.

Reuse Orphan Socks 3

Pin cushion

Make a personalized pin cushion with padding and a sock.

Protect Your Lens during transport

During transportation socks can absorb shock and can prevent breakage/

Create a snowman

Create a snowman with a white sock, rice, self-adhesive eyes , pieces of felt, white pompoms and 3 elastic bands.

Create puppets

With an orphan sock, you can easily create a puppet. Just customize it as you wish.

Making a pet toy

Fill a sock with other orphan socks rolled into balls. Secure everything with a shoe lace and let your pet have fun with his new favorite toy.

Keep drinks warm

Cut a sock by removing the foot. Then put it on your glass or cup. Thus, you will keep the drink at the right temperature

Dress the dolls

A fun activity for parents and children is to cut out the solo socks and make clothes for the dolls.

Door flange

Prevent Bugs from entering under doors or windows, make a sausage bag out of old socks

For Your Sweater

Simply cut out uniform oval shapes and sew them at elbow height on your sweaters or jackets to gave them a new look.

Protect closets

Some products, such as wax or oil, tend to leak. Result, the bottle becomes oily or sticky, which dirty your cupboards. To avoid this, place the bottom of the bottles in a sock.

Coat for a small dog

With a simple solo sock, you can make a coat for a small dog. No need to ruin yourself in a commercial dog sweater

windshield wipers

In winter, cover your wipers with socks to protect them from the ice. Just remove the socks when you take your car.

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