Recycling old things to decorate the garden

Rescue all kinds of old things such as furniture, dishes, decorations, toys or objects to create beautiful pieces that serve to beautify your garden. You can use them in their natural state (rusted or discolored showing the passage of time) or you can choose to give them a new coat of paint to create something more striking. These objects are ideal for planting plants or if it is not possible, simply to place pots in them. In this way you can decorate your patio or garden with a vintage touch without having to invest too much money.


  • cages
  • Bicycles or tricycles
  • Metallic jugs and teapots
  • Chairs
  • Drawers and shelves
  • tires
  • Baskets or baskets
  • All kinds of frets
  • Suitcases and trunks
  • Tubs and zinc objects
  • Construction trucks
  • Tables and desks¬†

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