Recycle Your Old Crayons To Create Some Colorful Candles

You can create beautiful candles in all the colors you want by recycling your old broken crayons. You can make plain candles in a single color or combine them in layers using multiple colors. It’s a great idea to make a small gift without spending a lot of money.


  • Wax crayons that you no longer use
  • Small or medium-sized glass cups
  • Paraffin or you can also use candles that you no longer use
  • A wick or wick
  • A base to hold the wick (optional)


  1. Empty the paraffin in a plastic container that you no longer use. Put a couple of crayons on top and melt it in the microwave. You can experiment little by little by minute by minute to know the exact time you need to melt the wax. Repeat this step for multi-colored paraffin. Note: If you don’t have paraffin, you can recycle old candles that you no longer use. Grate them using a cheese grater and proceed in the same way as with paraffin
  2. Mix well with a wooden stick so that the crayon is resolved with the paraffin and the whole mixture takes an even color.
  3. Cut a piece of wick or wick and hold it at its base (optional). Then place the base in the bottom of the glass. If it does not have a base, you can directly glue the wick to the bottom of the glass using a little paraffin already melted.
  4. Pour a layer of colored paraffin into the glass and let it solidify completely
  5. Continue with a second coat of a different color and let it solidify
  6. Repeat the process until you have several layers of different color in the glass.

Variant: You can tilt the glass when emptying the paraffin to create a different design

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