Recycle Plastic Bottles To Create Cute spice Pots

To create these cute spice racks using recycle plastic bottles will be practically free, since the only thing you should do is avoid throwing all those plastic bottles as they are usually going to be thrown away. They will look beautiful in any kitchen and allow you to have a little more order and space.

recycle plastic bottles

Materials to recycle plastic bottles:

  • Plastic bottles
  • Plain or printed foamy in color and design of your choice
  • Hot silicone
  • A piece of thick cardboard.

Process to recycle plastic bottles:

  • Remove the neck of the bottle by cutting only the bottom.
  • To make the caps of the bottles, with the help of a foamy strip, measure the circumference of the mouth of the container. Then trace the circumference of the mouth on the cardboard and cut out.
  • With the cardboard circle already cut, use it as a mold to trace a foamy circle. Cut it out and stick it on the cardboard circle.
  • Glue the foamy strip around the outline of the cardboard and foamy circle to finish the lid.
  • Decorate by making simple foamy flowers with the molds that we include at the end of this publication.
  • Cut a strip of foamy (the same color that you used for the lid) and paste in the central part of each container, decorating with a flower just like on the lid.

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