Plants And Vegetables You Can Grow Even If You Have Small Outdoor Space

Want to garden but don’t have a huge yard? No problem!

Here are plants and vegetables you can grow even if you have a small outdoor space:

1: Tomatoes

Tomatoes are one of the most sought after produces during the summer time. The reason is because there is no comparison when it comes to homegrown tomatoes. Perfect for salads or snacking. They taste like nothing on a store shelf anywhere!

2: Strawberries

Strawberries are great to grow in small space. They don’t need a deep pot. They can be grown in strawberry pots or even in a hanging pot made for strawberries.

3: Lettuce

Lettuce is so easy to grow and you don’t need a deep pot to grow it in either. You can use shallow pots or even a gutter attached to a deck railing to grow your lettuce in.

4: Carrots

Carrots take 2 to 3 months from planting to harvest. But they are easy to grow.

5: Peppers

Since these tend to grow upward instead of outward, they don’t require a to much of space! You can easily grow them in small pots. The main thing to remember with peppers is they love heat so find them a warm sunny spot and you should be set.

6: Spinach

Spinach is a cool weather plant. So plant it in the spring . You can plant them in a 6 inch deep pot or even grow spinach in a deep window box.

7: Green Beans

Green beans are great to grow. There are two main types of beans, bush and pole beans. You can grow either in a pot.

8: Radishes

If you are an impatient gardener, you’ll want to grow radishes. They are one of the fastest growing plants and they do well in containers.

9: Bok choy

Another helpful thing to keep in the kitchen, it requires a lot of water and a sunlight, but not too much space!

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