Planks that will give your body looks of your dreams

If you have never done planks or a lever in the gym or at home.Try to do at least 30 seconds in a row and you will see that they are the devil exercised. Include them in your routine and choose three and do them daily for 30 seconds each, and increase the time until you reach five minutes per plank.

Use of Mat

Try to always use a mat so that your arms do not get hurt and you have a little more support.

Complete and low impact

It is the most complete and low impact form you will find. After a while you can not leave it.


Difficult But Effective

One of the most difficult but also the most effective.



Side lever planks

A side lever will help you exercise the most difficult muscles of your abdomen.Lever with jump, tone your body and improve your balance.If what you want is a steel abs, this plank is your thing.

Costs a Back

Do you want what it costs a back of contest ?. This plank should be your daily exercise.



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