Photo Ideas To Decorate The House

Photos of family members can be a really creative element when decorating a wall. For that, it is necessary to place the photo frames in a different and original way, skipping the typical or traditional. Take some of the best photos of your family, frame them and see what you can achieve with them.

Some useful ideas:

  • For a more even effect when decorating with photos, use frames that are the same color (shape or size doesn’t matter). An easy and inexpensive way to do this is to buy a can of spray paint in the color of your choice and paint each of the frames in that shade.
  • Another good idea to use photos in the decoration is to place two or three thin shelves on an empty wall and fill them completely with photo frames.
  • Black and white photos look beautiful and elegant in any type of decoration. Choose the best images you have and have them printed in these tones. Then you just have to frame them in black boxes.
  • Family trees are another great idea for decorating with photos. Choose the photos of each of the family members and hang them on an empty wall, complementing them with stickers of leaves and branches.
  • You can frame photos in small squares and use them to mark the hours on a clock, placing the clock mechanism in the center.

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