Make These Beautiful Bow Shaped Cushions

Using a little excess fabric, make these cute bow or bow-shaped cushions, super easy to make and without any degree of complication.

  • For its elaboration,
  • choose any fabric to your liking, you can choose from the simplest to the most sophisticated, \since in both cases the result will be just as beautiful.

The ideal is to have a sewing machine, but if you do not have one, you can also carry out this project by sewing by hand with a needle and thread.

The procedure is very simple:

  • first you must cut two rectangles of fabric the size you want your cushion.
  • Put the two pieces together so that the back of the fabric is facing out and sew all the sides leaving a small opening for filling.
  • Turn to the right and fill (use wadding, foam rubber or any other textile filling). With blind stitch, close the small opening that you previously left.
  • Cut a strip of the same fabric and hem both sides. Help yourself with an iron to mark the lines and facilitate sewing. Use this strip to pinch the cushion right in the center, to give it the shape of a bow or bow.
  • You can sew the ends of the strip on the back of the cushion, to prevent it from losing its shape later, or you can also add a button and an eyelet to the strip, in this way you can unbutton and remove the strip so that the cushion return to its original shape whenever you want.

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