How To Make Quilt With used Cloths

Learn how to quickly and easily make quilt with used cloths. This is an ideal way to benefit from all that fabric left over from a project or also from those clothes items that we no longer use. Take your time and go collecting different types of cloth to create a fantastic quilt that will undoubtedly focus all the attention inside your room. You do not have to be an professional in sewing, this project is simple and easy to do, suitable for learners or for those who want to make something unique and special in their spare time. Once you work on it, you will find that creating such a quilt is simpler than it sounds. You can use any kind of cloth and make the color combinations that you like the most.

Materials to Make Quilt With used Cloths :

* Leftovers of cloth of various color and design
* Wadding or rolled
* Sewing machine
* Tape measure, pins and scissors.

Make Quilt With used Cloths


1.- Cut the material into squares of 15 x 15 cm. This measurement is optional, you can use the one that fits you best and even cut the items into rectangles, triangles or diamonds.
2.- Cut the wadding into squares of 13 x 13.
3.- Join two cloth squares, adding a wadding box in the center. The fabric should be regular, with the right sides facing out.
4.- Fix every pair of squares with a pair of pins to keep the batting in the middle. Utilizing the sewing machine, sew an “X” shape from corner to corner. This ensures that the padding stays in place. 


You can use cloth glue instead of pins to make work easier. 

5.- When you already have several cloth squares prepared with the filling, take several and join them to form a strip. This strip should be the width you want for the quilt or quilt.
6.- Repeat the operation to make a number of strips. Then sew strip by strip to kind the size of the quilt.
7.- The quilt or bedspread can have a smooth appearance if you keep the seams at the again. If, on the other hand, you want it to have that rough texture of patches, then keep the seams in the front and with the help of good-edge scissors, cut strips on all the part of the fabric that is left over, as can be seen in some of the images. 

Make Quilt With used Cloths

Helpful tip: 
If you use the same cloth as the background, the seam lines can be better appreciated, since they will all be in the same color and will give a more uniform appearance to the quilt.

Images Source | mifiestacreativa

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