Make Numbers For Your Parties with balloons using the Mosaic Technique

Decorate your party with something amazing use huge numbers with balloons. Today we will be using the mosaic technique, which is easy to do since you only need hard cardboard and balloons to create this beautiful decoration. we will today tell you how simple this project is !!


  • A large cardboard sheet for the base.
  • Flexible cardboard or cardstock for the sides (optional: you can use corrugated roll cardboard which is quite flexible)
  • Hot silicone to stick
  • Balloons of different sizes and in your favorite colors
  • White spray paint (optional)
  • Tape or cold silicone.

1.- Draw a huge number and cut on the hard cardboard.
2.- Cut the pieces to make the sides with the flexible cardboard or cardboard. It is best to do it in parts, cut different pieces and make them approximately 20 centimeters wide (it is the depth that the number will have) and go pasting them around the contour of the number you already have. If you are using the corrugated cardboard in a roll, you can make it in one piece, just unrolling and gluing around the base.
3.- Fill air in balloons with different sizes.
4.- Begin to fill the number first with the large balloons. You can stick them directly to the base using tape or you can also choose to make holes in the entire surface and insert the neck of the balloon to fix with a piece of tape from the back.
5.- Fill in the gaps you have using smaller balloons

Useful tips:

  • You can choose to use foami or eva rubber for the walls or sides of the number
  • To stick the balloons you can use adhesive tape, masking tape or cold liquid silicone.
balloons 1
balloons 2
balloons 3
balloons 4
balloons 5
balloons 6
balloons 7
balloons 8
balloons 9
balloons 10
balloons 11

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