Make Folded Paper Butterflies

Check out all the cute butterflies you can make using some paper. Learn how to make them by folding the paper as an accordion with what you will achieve a very original and striking appearance. You can use these butterflies in your home or party decoration, as well as to make small projects such as cards and invitations.

Cardstock or colored bond paper
To tie: pipe cleaner, ribbon or thin wire
To decorate: buttons, stickers or beads

1.- Save, enlarge, print and cut the mold that we include
2.- Use it to trace it on the cardboard or paper you have chosen
3.- Start accordion folding from the tip of the rhombus
4.- Make small folds until the entire figure is finished
5.- Tie a ribbon (pipe cleaner or wire) right in the center, in the thinnest part of the figure
6.- You can leave the two ends of the ribbon or wire free to form the antennas (optional)
7.- Spread the folds well to shape the butterfly’s wings
8.- Add extra buttons or decorations in the center (optional)

Another procedure: Use two rhombuses of the same size to make each of the wings.

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