Learn To make Marshmallow Roses

Use marshmallows (chocolates or clouds) to made some delicious and pretty roses that you can use gift on a special occasions like birth day or Valentine’s Day. 


  • Wooden sticks
  • marshmallows (chocolates or clouds)Sharp edge scissors
  • A piece of ribbon or ribbon Cellophane sachets.


  • Take the marshmallow and cut it into slices with the scissors. Approximately you should take 5 or 6 slices from each piece. 
  • Separate the two pieces that correspond to the edges, since with these you will give the final touch to the rose. 
  • Repeat the operation with two or three marshmallows.
  • Take one of the slice and roll it on the tip of the wand, to create the center of the rose. 
  • Continue with the rest of the slices, stretching and wrapping around the wand to form each of the petals. Since the pieces are very sticky, you will not need anything extra to stick them, just stretch and tighten well.
  • Finish the rose with the pieces that you separated from the edges, putting the dry part on the outside, so that the rose is not sticky when you touch it or pack it in the bag.
  • Place the rose in a cellophane bag and press the base of the rose with a piece of ribbon. This will prevent it from opening and losing its shape.

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