Ideas to paint a wall using a stencil

Using stencils to paint a wall is a very practical, easy and quick way to do it. You can find a wide variety of stencils at paint, art, and decorating stores, but making a stencil is really easy. It is enough to cut a silhouette on a surface such as thin cardboard or acetate to create a hole where the paint will be applied. You can choose to cut basic shapes that also look great on a wall: circles, diamonds, butterflies, flowers, stars, etc.

Some tips for using a stencil:

  • To use the stencil, place it on the wall and apply a layer of paint with a small brush or sponge. Make sure there is no excess paint, as this can go through the edges of the stencil and leave stains on the wall. To prevent this from happening, you must previously pass the brush or sponge on a piece of absorbent paper to remove the excess.
  • Use a painting in a contrasting tone to the background wall so that the effect is more colorful and striking.

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