Good Ideas To Make Amazing Decorations With Used glass bottles

Recycle the glass bottles that you are about to throw away and turn them into beautiful decorative pieces using a few simple tricks. Decorating with painted bottles is really easy, in addition to the fact that they look amazing in any space in your home, you will not need to invest practically any money. There are many options and techniques to paint the bottles, choose the one you like the most or the style that best suits your home.

How to paint glass bottles:

  • You can paint the bottles from the inside, to do this pour some acrylic paint inside the bottle and turn it in all directions so that the paint adheres. Turn it over for a while so the excess paint drains off.
  • Another idea is to use masking tape to create designs on the bottle. Apply the paint on top, let it dry very well and then remove the tape so you can see the design that has remained.
  • If you prefer to create a gradient of paint on the bottle, choose three different colors of acrylic paint, and start painting the base with just one of them. Before this coat of paint dries, start with the second color right away, letting the edges of the paint blend together to form the gradient. Finally continue in the same way with the third color at the top of the bottle.
  • Use thin rope, rope or ixtle to stick on the neck of the bottles and thus give them a rustic touch.
  • Create a monogram or silhouette design on the bottle using contact paper (sticker paper). You just have to cut out the shape you want and stick it on the glass of the bottle. Then apply a coat of paint to the entire bottle and let it dry well before you remove the adhesive.

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