Funny organizers and pens with plastic bottles

Recycle all kinds of plastic bottles or containers to create fun organizers that will look great in children’s rooms. You can use from soda or soft drink bottles, margarine containers, ice cream to containers where shampoo and other beauty products come. You will not need any special tools to cut, as this type of plastic is very flexible and can be easily cut with sharp scissors. Watch how to make them:

Materials: Thin plastic bottles or containers, spray paint, liquid silicone to glue, leftover foam or felt to decorate, sharp scissors and a sharpie

. Procedure:
1.- Cut the bottle according to the model you have chosen
2.- If you require it, paint with the aerosol or spray approximately 10 cm away from the bottle.
3.- Let dry completely
4.- Decorate making the details with the indelible marker or with the pieces of foamy (rubber eva) or felt

Useful tips:
***If you do not want to use spray paint or aerosol you can make a mixture of acrylic paint and white glue (school glue) in equal parts. This mixture adheres very well to plastic.

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