Easy Flowers With Paper Circles

Create these super easy to make flowers with just 5 paper circles and use them to decorate whatever you want !! You can make them huge and use them to decorate the walls or backdrops at a party or make them smaller and use them to decorate gifts, notebooks or cards. Look how easy it is to do them:


  • 2 different color paper or cardstock
  • Mold of a circle:(you can use a plate, a CD or a coin depending on the size you choose)
  • Hot glue stick or silicone.


  1. \- Use the mold you have to trace the circles on the paper and cut them.
  2. \- Fold all the circles in half
  3. \- Glue the circles one next to the other in the center. You must always paste one circle on top of the other, turning until the flower is completed.
  4. \- Use the different colored paper to cut the circle of the flower. You can choose any of the molds that we include at the end. Glue in the center of the flower.
Paper Circles 1
Paper Circles 2
Paper Circles 3
Paper Circles 4
Paper Circles 5
Paper Circles 6

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