Easy Christmas cards to make with children

All of these holiday cards are easy to make and very appropriate for working with children. No need to spend on expensive materials when you can make fun creations using only colored paper. You can make funny Christmas characters without so many complications, since the only important thing is to spend a fun time with the little ones.

Some useful tips:

  • Use the silhouette of the hands to cut it out of paper and decorate it as different Christmas characters
  • By cutting strips of green paper you can create Christmas trees.
  • Use beads, buttons, plastic eyes, pieces of tape to make the designs even more beautiful.
  • Stamp fingerprints on cards and add details with pen or marker to create Christmas figures.
  • If you don’t have colored paper handy, you can recreate all these ideas using white paper and marker, letting the children decorate as they like with crayons or watercolors.

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