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Diy to Give You Strong and Healthy Nails

We know that there is nothing more uncomfortable than to have a weak and brittle nails. With the simplest activity they end up breaking, and it is almost impossible to let them grow a little bit longer.There are products in pharmacies that can help your nails, but tend to be very expensive. Therefore, everyone wants to find an easy and economical home remedy.

Diy to Give You Strong and Healthy Nails

To solve the problem of the weakening of the nails and make them stronger, it is essential the use of a nail hardener. The treatment that we recommend you is perhaps the most effective, consists of natural elements such as garlic or lemon, but the key to its effectiveness is in the vitamin E capsules that we will need for this diy nail hardener. But do not worry, you can get them easily at the pharmacy. In fact, we just need one capsule.

Diy nail hardener for very brittle nails

This formula so simple and effective, it is useful for those more severe cases, where because of health reasons and lack of vitamins, we have especially weak nails.

What we will need?

3 cloves of peeled garlic
20 drops of lemon juice
One vitamin E capsule
Nail polish: a natural glow


Very easy. The first thing we will do is place the vitamin E capsule into the nail polish bottle. You only need a needle so you can stick the capsule and pour the substance carefully within the enamel bottle. Buy placing it in the enamel bottle you will be able to add this essential vitamin to offer healthier and stronger nails.

The next step, you will focus on are the three cloves of garlic. You will wonder why using garlic? Garlic is one of the best natural ingredients to strengthen the nails, fighting against their fragility, as well as bacteria and fungal infections. What we will do is put these three cloves of garlic for 15 minutes in hot water. Once you get a moderate temperature, begin to knead it very well until a smooth paste.

Once ready and obtained the paste, place it well into the nail polish bottle. The best would be to get a small funnel, those who are used for essential oils and perfumes.

The next step would be the lemon juice. We only need 20 drops. Why lemon is good for your nails? Becuase of their vitamins, by its antioxidant acids that fight weaknesses in nail structure and also restore them gradually. Once you squeezed the juice, place twenty droplets within the enamel bottle.

Excellent, you are ready. As you can see, we managed to get a hardening mixture to your nail polish, endowed with great vitamins. Stir well always before applying. It is very efficient and useful. Also will cure, heal, and provide good health to your nails.

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