Diy Make Toy caterpillar with used sock

Create a fun caterpillar-shaped toy for a baby or toddler using a sock. Take advantage of those colorful socks that no longer have a pair and that you are about to discard to make this striking craft. Its elaboration is so simple that it is not necessary to sew, since all the parts of the caterpillar are formed by elastic bands. Look how easy it is to make one!


  • Tube or ankle length socks
  • Garters or elastic bands
  • Textile padding such as wadding or cotton
  • A pipe cleaner
  • One pair of plastic eyes
  • Optional: Pompoms or felt leftovers

1.- Start by placing the filling inside the sock until it is completely filled.
2.- With the garters or elastic bands, go sectioning parts of the sock, tightening or tying them to form the body parts of the caterpillar.
3.- Distribute the filling well so that it is uniform in each section. Tie a rubber band at the end to close the body (you can also give a couple of stitches or glue with hot silicone)
4.- Decorate the caterpillar by tying a pipe cleaner in half to form the antennae and gluing a pair of plastic eyes.
5.- Optionally, you can decorate your caterpillar with pompoms or felt circles.

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