Diy Make Heart boxes with plastic bottles

Recycle plastic bottles of any size to create beautiful heart-shaped boxes that are really easy to make.

Look how:

Diy Make Heart boxes with plastic bottles

Materials Required:

Plastic bottle, rigid cardboard (you can use the cereal boxes or any thicker than this), foamy/smooth Eva rubber or diamond, ribbons or ribbons, cold silicone to stick.

Procedure :

Heart boxes 2

1.- Cut the central part of the plastic bottle with good sharp scissors

Heart boxes 3

2.- Flatten this piece with your hand or with a ruler, making sure the sides are well marked

Heart boxes 4

3.-To form the heart, bend one of the sides marked outwards and the other side bend it inwards

Heart boxes 5

4.- Once you have formed a heart with the piece of plastic, mark its outline on the cardboard and cut it out. Use this cardboard heart (corresponding to the base) as a mold to mark the lid on cardboard, and also to mark another piece of foamy to decorate the surface of the lid. Cut out

Heart boxes 6

5.- Stick the piece of foam on the piece of cardboard that corresponds to the lid.
Then cut a strip of foamy about 1 cm and a half wide and glue it to the contour of the lid. Do the same with the base.

6.- Stick ribbon or tape over the entire contour of the lid (optional: in the base)

Heart boxes 8

7 .- Decorate the surface of the box by gluing foamy hearts on the surface. To assemble the box, place the plastic core on the base, sticking with the silicone to prevent loosening. Finally, close with the lid.

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