DIY Make Giant Paper Dahlias

Use plain paper or colored construction paper to create these beautiful giant dahlias. They are perfect to decorate celebrations such as weddings or XV years or also to be used as backgrounds for candy bars or dessert tables. Once you learn the technique, you will find that doing them is very easy and fun.

A large cardboard circle (you can use a plate as a mold)
Bond paper or colored cardstock
Glue stick or adhesive pencil
Hot silicone.
Ruler and scissors.

1.- Cut the paper into squares. To make this step easier, you can fold a sheet of paper several times and use a square as a mold to cut and get multiple pieces at the same time.
2.- Form cones with the squares. To do this, take a piece and join the two opposite corners in the center, gluing the entire contour well with the adhesive pencil or glue stick.
3.- Once you have enough cones, glue the first layer around the outline of the cardboard circle, leaving a space between cone and cone. Use hot silicone in this step.
4.- When you have finished the first layer, continue with the next one, gluing the cones in the spaces that you left from the first layer.
5.- Continue in the same way with the following layers until reaching the center
6.- Form the center using paper cones in a contrasting color.

Useful tip:
-\ You can use sticky notes (Post-it) to save you all the work of cutting and pasting the pictures
-\ Use one color paper in various intensities to achieve a gradient effect on the flowers.

Paper Dahlias
Paper Dahlias 2
Paper Dahlias 3
Paper Dahlias 4
Paper Dahlias 5

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