Diy Make beautiful poinsettia shaped cushions

DIY Make some beautiful cushions decorated with felt poinsettias.

  • Use a simple cushion of any kind of fabric as a base.
  • Cut out the petals of the poinsettia in red or white felt (Choose one of the two petal molds that we share at the end) and put together the poinsettia, arranging them in several layers just as shown in the last images.
  • You can sew the poinsettia or you can also use hot silicone to glue the felt, since the result is very resistant and can even be washed by hand without worrying about it coming loose or peeling off.

So that the shape of the poinsettia has a little volume and is not totally flat, make sure that the last layers of petals have a crease. This is done by joining or gluing the edge of each petal to gather it.

cushions 1
cushions 2
cushions 3
cushions 4
cushions 5
cushions 6
cushions 7

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