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DIY Learn How To Make Roller Blinds

Make these beautiful roller blinds to decorate your home or to generate a small income. If sewing is your thing, you can make use of this project that stands out for its simplicity, speed and economy in its materials, since for its preparation you can use printed cotton fabrics, which are very easy to get as well as very cheap. This type of curtains is ideal to be placed on small windows, however this is not a rule, since if the window is very large, two curtains can be placed to cover the entire space.


  • Light colored cotton fabric, preferably in two different designs.
  • Thick fabric ribbon or ribbon
  • Sewing machine
  • A wooden pole with the same width as the curtain.
  • Tape measure, iron and pins.


  1. Start by taking the measurements of the window. Measure from the top bar or curtain rod where the curtain is attached, to about two inches below where the window ends. You should also add an extra 15 centimeters above and below for the folds where the bar will go. 
  2. Using these measurements, cut the fabric. Use one fabric for the front and a different one for the back (you can also make a simple curtain using a single piece of fabric, in which case it would only be hemmed). Don’t forget to leave an extra centimeter and a half for the seams. 
  3. Join the two pieces leaving the wrong side of the fabric facing out and sew all the way around except for the upper side.
  4. Turn the curtain to the right and iron all the edges well, so that the contour lines are well marked. 
  5. Close the upper part and fold about 7 or 8 centimeters from the edge of the fabric backwards, marking all this line with the iron. Sew everything along the entire edge so that the hole is formed where the bar or curtain rod will go. 
  6. Repeat the operation for the lower part.
  7. Cut two sections of the ribbon whose measure is twice the length of the curtain.
  8. Sew the slats in the upper part of the curtain. Fix them first with pins. Each one should be folded in half and fixed at the top, so that both ends fall one in front and the other in the back. 
  9. 9.- Insert the wooden stick in the lower part of the curtain. Now you just have to place the curtain on the rod and form a roll, holding with the slats, depending on how open or closed you want the curtain. 

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