10+ Amazing Diy ideas to recycle Soda bottles

we today give you Amazing Diy ideas to recycle Soda bottles.Check out the eye-catching and easy projects you can do by recycling glass bottles. Surely we all have a bottle of this type that we no longer use in our house, so it is time to get down to work to start making beautiful ideas without having to spend a lot.

Ideas to recycle Soda bottles

1-5: vases

 Use the glass bottles as simple vases.paint bottle from the inside with different colors of you choice. Give the bottles a super original touch by painting them with metallic finishes. Use silver or gold colored paint.

Diy ideas to recycle Soda bottles
color full vases
Silver vases

6&7: Liquid soap dispenser 

 Convert the bottle into a liquid soap dispenser you only need to the the plastic attachment which is easily available in market.

Liquid soap dispenser  1
Liquid soap dispenser -1

8-11: Beautiful Glasses

Put a thread (wet it with some flammable to burn it easily) on place where you want it to cut and light with a match (Make sure your hands are completely clean and dry to prevent the fire from spreading and burning you).Immediately after the thread has burned and black, put the bottle in cold water.You will hear a cracking sound that indicates that the glass has broken.If the glass of the bottle is too thick and it was not cut, repeat the same process several times until you get a cut.

Beautiful  Glasses-1
Beautiful  Glasses-2

12 &13: Lamps and Gifts

Place a series of lights or lamps based on LED bulbs (which do not generate heat to prevent accidents) inside the bottle to make them lamps. and  fill them with small candies and turn them into a nice gift. 


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