DIY How to make paper Picture Frames Yourself

Today DIY (Do it yourself) an create some cute picture frames or picture holders using a low coast and easily available materials. These ideas can be use make nice gift for someone special and also useful to decorate your room or other space in your house. Doing this project is really easy, the steps are very simple and easy to follow.


  • Hard cardboard
  • Cotton fabric in your favorite color and pattern
  • Wadding or delcron in roll or laminate
  • Hot silicone and white glue
  • Small brush


  • On the cardboard draw the figure of a box or rectangle. Cut it twice and in one of the pieces cut a hole in the center, to create a frame.
  •  With the brush, apply white glue to the entire surface of the piece corresponding to the frame. Glue a layer of cotton batting or a roll cut to the same size on it.
  • Place the frame on a cloth square that measures an extra two centimeters on each side. Cut the center as seen in the image, fold all the edges of the fabric inwards and stick on the cardboard using the hot silicone.
  • Line the second piece of cardboard (corresponding to the back of the frame) with fabric. Don’t use padding in this step.
  • Cut a thick strip of cardboard, line it with fabric and join the ends to form a triangle. This is to make the foot of the frame. You can also choose to make the foot with the steps shown in the last image.
  • Glue the back part to the front part of the frame. You only have to do it on three sides, leaving the upper side free of glue to be able to place photos later. Use hot silicone in this step. It is recommended to stick only the contours or edges, not applying too much silicone so that the photo can easily enter. 
  • Finally, glue the foot of the frame on the back of it. 

Steps in Picture

Steps 1
Steps 2

Some final products

final products
final products 2
final products 3
final products 4

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