Create Amazing Diy foamy pouches or sacks using this mold

Today we brought to you amazing diy foamy pouches using the above mold .These cute sacks or pouches are ideal to use as candy in children’s parties.

Things required to make Diy foamy pouches

  1. Save the mold.
  2. print of the mold.
  3. foamy or Eva rubber.
  4. Figures of the character of your choice to decorate
  5. Glue


  • Print the mold on a letter size paper.
  • Cut out the mold and trace the shape on foamy or Eva rubber.
  • To assemble the bag glue the corner part in cylinder shape.
  •  Paste around the contour of the circle and not above it. 
  • You can cover the bottom using an extra foamy strip. You can also stick it on the side to make it more beautiful. 
  • Finally decorate to your liking with figures of the character of your choice.
  • You can cut and decorate like those given blow. !!enjoy 
Diy foamy pouches

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