( DIY ) Decorate Your Party Using Thread Spheres

( DIY ) Decorate Your Party Using Thread Spheres

Today we are we have brought to you a simple way ( DIY ) Decorate Your Party Using Thread Spheres to make your parties more beautiful. Today learn how to make simple spheres balls with thread or rustic string and use them to give a really original touch to your parties. These are commonly used in home decorations, however, it can also be an interesting option to use at a party. It seems difficult to make when we look at them but they are very easy to make. See how to do it:

Materials Required:

  •  Balloons,
  • The rustic thread like the ixtle or thin rope (can also be used wool or yarn)
  • white glue


1.- Fill  the balloon with air to a normal size (without inflating too much to keep a spherical shape)
2.- Begin to roll the yarn in the balloon, as if you were winding a ball of wool or yarn
3.- With the help of a brush, apply the white glue on the thread until everything is covered.
4.- Continue winding the thread in the balloon while applying the white glue on it.
5.- Let dry completely (it is recommended a whole day in dry climates and more days for humid climates) before bursting the balloon with a pin.
6.- Pop the balloon and remove it through one of the slots or holes formed in the sphere.

Some useful tips:

  • Place a small LED candle inside the dial to create a simple centerpiece.
  • You can paint the sphere (with acrylic paint) when the thread is dry but before bursting the balloon. Apply the paint and let it dry completely again before bursting.
  • Add flowers of cloth or paper to decorate the spheres.


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