( DIY ) Decorate Walls With Geometric Figures

( DIY ) Decorate Walls With Geometric Figures

Today we brought you simple do it yourself (DIY) tutorial to decorate any wall with a unique and beautiful style. Apply these in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, corridors, living rooms or even in facades or exteriors. If you use this in a room, we recommend you use it in only one or two of the four walls to avoid overloading decoration on the wall.

Things Required:

Wall paint (acrylic or vinyl) in the shades of your choice
Masking tape or masking tape
Medium or small brush


Procedure 1

Procedure 2
1.- Start by creating a design on the wall using the masking tape. It is not necessary to open and cut large pieces of tape, rather simply stick the end of it and unrolling it at the same time you paste it on the wall.
2.- Paint each figure that has been created using the color you have chosen.You can make different color combinations or you can use a single color on the whole wall it’s totally up to you.
3.- Let the paint dry completely and remove the tape. In case you need some correction, use a small brush to fix it using the same paint.


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