Diy Cute and easy fabric strawberries Step by step

We will tell you how to Make these cute strawberries step by step and use them to add an original and different touch to your home. You can make several and place them inside glass jars, in a bowl or fruit bowl or you can also gather several to hang on the wall as a bouquet. Its very simple to made and the best of all is that you can easily complete by hand no extra machines required.


  • Cotton fabric in red or pink print
  • Green felt
  • Textile filling (wadding)
  • Thread (red and green) and needle
  • Optional: A piece of wool or thick yarn 


  1. Save the mold that we include at the end. Print it on paper and use it to pass over the fabric
  2. Cut out the pieces of the mold in the fabric and the felt (the upper part of the fruit and the leaves are in green felt)
  3. Fold the piece corresponding to the strawberry (strawberry) in half, leaving the wrong side of the fabric facing out. Then with red thread and a needle, close it to form a kind of cone.
  4. Turn to the right and fill with a little batting. Then baste the entire curved part and press hard to close, giving a few extra stitches to reinforce and prevent the fabric from opening.
  5. With the green thread, sew the upper part of the strawberry that you had previously cut on the felt. You can add an extra couple of leaves by sewing them too. If this part is difficult for you, you can glue the piece with hot silicone instead of sewing it.
  6. If you are going to hang the ornament, you must insert a piece of thread or wool in the green piece that goes on top (before sewing it) and tie a knot at the bottom so that it is hidden when you finally put it on. 
fabric strawberries 4
fabric strawberries 3
fabric strawberries 1
fabric strawberries 2
fabric strawberries 5
fabric strawberries 6

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