DIY Create These Cute Baby Booties With Napkins Or Tissue Paper

These adorable baby shoes or booties are ideal to give as gifts or souvenirs at baby showers. They are practical and easy to make, you can fill them with small candies and the best of all is that the materials that are needed are cheap and easy to find.


  • Paper napkins or tissue paper (china paper)
  • Small Styrofoam or cardboard cups (you need two cups per bottle)
  • Cotton tassels (optional)

To decorate:

  • ribbons,
  • stickers, etc.


  1. Open and spread the napkin. If you are using tissue paper, cut a square roughly the size of an open napkin.
  2. Take a couple of napkins and crinkle them to form a ball (if you use the cotton tassels you don’t need to do this)
  3. Right in the center of the napkin, place a glass and the paper ball (or cotton tassel) right away 
  4. Join the four corners of the napkin or paper box and insert them into the glass, trying to wrap everything. You can paste using a little adhesive pencil or white glue.
  5. 5.- Insert another glass on top of the first glass to create the hole. 
  6. Fill with sweets and decorate with the ribbons or applications that you have.
diy 1
diy 2
diy 3
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