DIY Create a house for kids using a table

If you like sewing, this Diy project to create a fabric house using table as a base is perfect for you. The idea is to make a kind of design with cloth for the table that completely covers the table and shape it as small house. 


Things you need

  • You can use a square plastic table, or even the classic long wooden tables.
  • Choose plain or checked cotton fabrics to work on this idea, although you can also make it with felt. 


  • Take the measurements of the table that you will use as a base.
  • To make a basic pattern to which you must add an extra two centimetres on each side for the seams. 
  • Make the design of your preference, adding doors and windows to your liking, as well as the various decorative elements you want to include (flowers, animals, trees, etc.).

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