DIY Beautiful Boxes Of Hearts With This Mold

Make these simple boxes with this mold using cardboard . 

They are small and easy to make. They will serve you to pack small details such as candy, candy or cookies. This makes them ideal for use in celebrations. 


  • To make this easily we included the mold in the end.
  •  Print it on a letter size paper and cut it out and use it to draw on the material of your choice. 
  • To assemble the box (it is formed by two pieces that are assembled together) cut the parts and fold them where the dotted lines indicate, in addition to cutting the corresponding holes.
  •  Paste all eyelashes using glue. Insert a piece of ribbon in the part where a circular hole is indicated. 
  • Then tie the tape down the bottom to prevent it from getting out of the box.
  •  Place the gift inside the box that has the ribbon, and then assemble it in the box that has the heart holes. 


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