DIY Beautiful Bouquet With Paper Roses

Make a beautiful bouquet of roses using only paper. You will create a unique and special detail with very little material and time. These types of roses are made on a single piece of paper, without the need to glue each petal separately, so its preparation is really simple and fast. Make a simple bouquet of roses and use it to decorate a corner of your house or to give a person on a special date. See the procedure:


  • Paper or cardboard preferably in red
  • Wands or tree twigs. You can substitute for wooden sticks, paper tubes or wire.
  • White or school glue
  • Pair of scissors.

1.- Use either of the two molds that we include at the end of this publication. Another simple way without using molds is to simply draw a circle on the paper and then draw a spiral inside.
2.- Cut the piece and start rolling from the outside to the inside, tightening very well.
3.- Release the roll that you formed and the rose will have formed. Apply white glue to the base and edge to avoid losing shape.
4.- Glue each rose on a wooden wand (previously painted green or lined with green paper or flora tape) or you can also form a tube with green paper.

To form a bouquet:

  • Gather several roses and wrap them in a paper rectangle, gluing the two bottom corners to the center. You should adapt the size of the rectangle, cutting it if necessary before gluing it.
  • You can also place several of the roses in a vase or glass container.

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