10 Amazing diy baby gift wrapping ideas

Use your creativity with these Amazing diy baby gift wrapping ideas for a cute and eye-catching way get attention of the future mom. These are different fast and cheap options to wrap a gift and get out of the traditional. Check out these 10 ideas!

1-Use of shapes in diy baby gift wrapping ideas

Cut small shapes like (ducklings, carts, bears, bottles, etc.) using rubber and place them on a ribbon to tie the gift.

diy baby gift wrapping ideas

2-Fomi letters

Cut big letters using fomi and glue them to the top of the box. you can either use the baby’s name or the word “baby”.

Fomi letters

3-Bear gift pack

Wrap your gift in the shape of a bear. Use plain paper in your favorite shade or color. Then with leftovers from the same paper cut the bear’s legs and ears. Add the rest of the face features on contrasting paper and finally tie a ribbon around the neck.

Bear gift pack

4-Cute elephant

For a small gift, form a cute elephant with the help of a balloon and black marker.

Cute elephant

5-Socks in diy baby gift wrapping ideas

Decorate any gift for baby by hanging small socks with a ribbon.


6-Baby Clothes

Hang small baby clothes cut in patterned paper, fomi

Baby Clothes

7- Giraffe

Cut out giraffe in different colors. Make the details of each one using a marker of your favorite color. Then glue all the giraffes around the low outline of the gift.


8- Small Toys

If you have more then one gifts to pack, line them separately and then group them from largest to smallest by tying with a thick ribbon and use small toys to decorate them more

Small Toys

9-rubber ducklings

Decorate a gift by rubber ducklings on the sides and top of the gift.

rubber ducklings

10- Circles

Form a stroller or a baby carriage with a circle of paper to which you will cut the fourth part. Add smaller circles for the wheels and a little lace for the roof.

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