Diet To Lose 55 Pounds In Less Than 90 Days

Diet To Lose 55 Pounds In Less Than 90 Days

The diet we’re presenting you in our article today will change your metabolism, but you’ll also lose weight and what’s the most important thing that weight won’t return! That’s what everyone wants these days. The diet is 90 days long. You should lose from 39 to 25 pounds. In case that’s too much for you and you want to lose less weight, end this diet earlier!

You must always follow this sequence: start with protein day, then the starch day, carbohydrate day, fruit day, and again protein day.


This whole diet is consisted of eating fruits, so you eat them for every single day e.g. 90 days. You must always eat a pair, for example, 2 apples, 2 pears, 2 oranges or a handful berries. Always remember to start the diet with protein day. After the fruit day, you should also remember to continue with protein.


  • Lunch: Your lunch should have consisted of boiled or roast meat. The amount should be equal to a hotel steak. Also, include a slice of bread. You can eat salad in unlimited quantities and drink 200 ml soup without the noodles.If you don’t want to eat meat that day, you can eat 3 boiled or fried eggs instead. If you eat cheese or milk on this day which is allowed you must make sure you halve the amount of meat or eggs should halve the amount. You must drink the soup!
  • Dinner: The dinner should be the same as the lunch, but make sure you eat without the soup and bread e.g. half of lunch.Make sure you keep a record of what you ate. For example, if you ate meat lunch, you should eat meat for dinner, and if you ate eggs, you also eat eggs for dinner.

Make sure 4 hours pass between each meal!


  • Lunch: Rice, cooked beans, potatoes, peas, (one of them). You can add some of these spices: salt, mixed vegetable spice, pepper, tomato sauce, oregano, plus a slice of bread and salad.
  • Dinner: The dinner should be the same as the lunch, but 50% less.

At least 3 hours should pass between the meals!


  • Lunch: You can have boiled pasta and add some spices or have a vegetarian pizza with ketchup. Another thing you may also have is pastry, for example, three breadsticks.
  • Dinner: Have 3-4 cookies or two small slices of cake or you can also have 3 scoops of ice cream. It’s obligatory to have 1 row of chocolate rich in cocoa(70% or more).

Make sure at least 3 hours pass between each meal!


You can only have mixed fruit for lunch and dinner as much as you want to, but make sure at least 2 hours pass between each of the meals!


You must have this water day after a cycle of 7×4 days or 29 days (once a month, three times during the diet). You have to drink water only! It always comes after the fruit and continues with protein!) which always comes after the fruit and continue with protein. You can also have unlimited amounts of coffee and tea without sugar!Try to eat regularly after you finish the diet, but the fruit must stay as a breakfast for another 90 days! If you lose another 3 kg in the next 3 months from the diet, then it signifies a change in your metabolism and the diet should be repeated again.

You probably think that this diet is way too complicated, but it’s not like that. If you take a good look at it, you’ll notice that the quantity of food is greater than the food we normally consume. Some people have reported that after 10 days they had some weight changes, and then their weight sharply declined.Do not worry or lose hope! Another important thing is to reduce the juices to a minimum. Make sure you don’t skip anything and follow the diet as you should! Your body needs every single one of those ingredients. Chocolate is also important because it is able to prevent allergies which may occur when you are on a diet regimen.

You must eat fruit in the morning! In that way, it will give energy to your body!

Measuring blood pressure and doing frequent blood counts is also very important. The people who have used this diet managed to lose at least 10 pounds without any health problem. Another interesting fact is that those people who suffered from high blood pressure didn’t need their medicines after only several weeks!


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