Decorative letters with wool or yarn

Create some beautiful decorative letters using colored yarn or yarn and use them to decorate a room or bedroom. This type of letter looks great hanging on a door, on a wall or even resting on a shelf. Its preparation is really easy and does not require investing a lot of money or time.


  • Thick cardboard
  • Wool or yarn in your favorite color*
  • Applications to decorate such as: pompoms, felt silhouettes, fabric flowers, buttons, etc.
  • Hot silicone to stick.


  • Trace the silhouette of a large letter on the cardboard and cut out.
  • Repeat the operation three or four times to have several cardboard letters. Glue them together to create a single thicker letter.
  • Begin to roll the wool or yarn into the cardboard letter. Glue with silicone every certain sections and thus prevent it from coming loose. Some sections of the letters will need to be covered separately, cutting a few pieces of wool and gluing it directly one by one on the letter.
  • Once all the letter is covered, decorate to your liking using the applications you have. Do not forget to glue a piece of wool on the back, so that you can hang the letter. 
Decorative letters
Decorative letters 2
Decorative letters 3
Decorative letters 4
Decorative letters 6
Decorative letters 6
Decorative letters 7
Decorative letters 8

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