Decorations DIY ideas with balloon chains

Today we have some amazing decorations DIY ideas with balloon chains. You can create beautiful party decorations by using double ended balloon chains. These balloons (also called linking balloons or bipolar balloons) are really practical, since having double termination they can easily be tied to each other forming chains or other structures. You do not need to be an expert or have any special knowledge to create any of the beautiful decorations that we present here.

DIY ideas 1

Some useful tips:

  • Blow up all the balloons of the same size and tie them to each other to form a kind of necklace.
  •  You can also suspend them from the ceiling by gluing the last one and letting it hang down.*
  • You can play with the size of the balloons and create a chain with balloons from largest to smallest size. They look great suspended from the ceiling or as a background to a wall.

Some decoration DIY ideas:

Decorations DIY ideas 2
Decorations DIY ideas 3
Decorations DIY ideas 4
Decorations DIY ideas 4

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